Naval History Magazine - June 2011 Volume 25, Number 3

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Cover Story
Many Marines remember a quiet Buddhist’s post-Hiroshima devotion to reconciliation. But private papers reveal a Japanese naval officer equally dedicated to his country...


Ships That Were Lighter Than Air
In the 1930s, the Navy’s rigid-airship program peaked with the construction of enormous lighter-than-air vehicles designed...
Young Nelson in the Boreas
Assigned to the Caribbean and imbued with a fierce sense of duty, the future sea hero boldly defied the law-ignoring admiral,...
Picking Winners?
In early 1942, a panel of senior Navy officers compiled a secret presidential list of top flag officers. Who was selected and how...
On Our Scope

As economic hard times increasingly put the pinch on defense dollars, today’s Navy would do well to look back to the interwar years, when...

Flight Line

The Interwar Transformation

Hollywood on the Flight Deck
The marriage of naval aviation and the silver screen was one that was made—well, in the heavens. Over the years it has...

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The Reverend of Iwo Jima
Many Marines remember a quiet Buddhist’s post-Hiroshima devotion to reconciliation. But private papers reveal a Japanese...
Where Naval Aviation History is Manifest
At the epicenter of present-day Sea Service flight, visitors can explore the history of Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard aviation....
Naval History Digital Edition

A digital edition of the June...

Looking Back

Fiasco in the Bay of Pigs

Half a century ago John F. Kennedy’s brief presidential administration began. Afterward it acquired a...

In Contact

Lingering Question Answered

Dewey W. Lambdin

In response to the article in the February 2011 issue regarding the 26...

Naval History News

Save-the-Olympia Summit Held

Efforts to save the historic warship Olympia, currently corroding at the waterline and...

Historic Fleets

An Experiment Proves Her Mettle in War

Shortly before Christmas of 1940, on board the heavy cruiser Tuscaloosa (CA-37),...

Historic Aircraft

Biplane Fighters in Action

Chilean Standoff
The guns were loaded, and two ironclads—one American, one Spanish—faced off in a potentially deadly game of...
Book Reviews

Victory in Defeat: The Wake Island Defenders in Captivity, 1941-1945

Gregory J. W. Urwin. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press,...

Museum Report

Visit Baltimore's Liberty Ship and Museum


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2016 Naval History Conference

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Join us for the 2016 Naval History Conference on 8 and 9 September at Alumni Hall at the U.S. Naval Academy. The Athena...

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