Naval History Magazine - June 2010 Volume 24, Number 3

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A young naval officer's assignment on board the USS Williamsburg resulted in a lifelong acquaintanceship with the...

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Navy Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Armstrong is an active duty naval aviator who has served tours as a search-and-rescue and...

The Navy's Biggest Betrayal
Twenty-five years ago the FBI finally shut off the biggest espionage leak in U.S. Navy history when it arrested former senior...
Leathernecks in Korea

After scrambling to assemble a fighting force, the Marines Corps battled with characteristic élan in a conflict that had more than its...

The Cold War's First Conflict
With virtually no combatants to battle at sea, the U.S. Navy found itself waging a different sort of war when the Korean conflict...
On Our Scope

As we move further into the 21st century, the Cold War, a conflict that colored world affairs for almost half the last century, is due for a...

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Recollections of President Truman's Navigator
A young naval officer's assignment on board the USS Williamsburg resulted in a lifelong acquaintanceship with the...
Looking Back

Korean Surprise

Sixty years ago this summer, the United States was figuratively caught with its pants down on the other side of the world...

Museum Report

Birthplace of the Flying Boat

In New York's Finger Lakes region, Hammondsport sits at the southern end of Keuka Lake. It is home to...

Book Reviews

Young Nelsons: Boy Sailors during the Napoleonic Wars

D. A. B. Ronald. Foreword by Alexander Kent. Oxford, UK: Osprey Publishing...

American Thunder Childs
Amid all the technological advancements of the 19th century, the prolonged effort to wed steam power to ram ships proved to be a...
Incredible Voyage
Intended to offset a Soviet scientific coup in outer space, the secret undersea mission of a huge American submarine was fraught...
The Giretsu Attack

Okinawa Dispatches

Marines in an airfield control tower got a shock when a plane loaded with Japanese commandos made a...
From River Pirate to Ming Emperor
At the epic Battle of Lake Poyang, the intrepid Zhu Yuanzhang turned the tide of Chinese history and set a course for a dynasty...
Historic Aircraft

Lockheed's Twin-Tails

Lockheed twin-engine, twin-tail passenger aircraft were familiar sights at American and foreign airports during the...

Historic Fleets

One Last Time

Naval History News

Mystery Surrounds Theft of Pirate Skull

The skull of a medieval pirate was recently stolen from a German museum, and investigators...

Naval History Digital Edition

A digital edition of the June issue of ...

In Contact

A Navy Veteran's Note

Ernest Borgnine

Congratulations. Your crew did a wonderful job with the April 2010 issue of ...


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Guest Speaker

Tue, 2016-07-26

CDR Youssef H. Aboul-Enein, USN

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Wed, 2016-07-27

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