Naval History Magazine - August 2009 Volume 23, Number 4

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'Children of the Storm' Life at Sea in the First Six Frigates
Some of the most famous ships in U.S. Navy history were its earliest frigates. But while many of their exploits are legendary, the...
Death on the River
Overshadowed by bigger headlines in April 1865, the explosion of the Mississippi riverboat Sultana claimed the lives of...
Nothing Like First-Hand History
The U.S. Naval Institute Oral History program commemorates its 40th anniversary.
What Went Wrong at Koro?
In late July 1942, U.S. Navy and Marine forces gathered off the Fiji island of Koro to practice landings that would open America's...
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Retrieving Lost Honor at Tarawa

Sixty-six years ago, Leon Cooper was a 22-year-old Navy ensign dodging bombs and bullets as...

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The Oldest Submarine at Midway

Historic Aircraft

Big Brother is Flying

The Butcher's Bill
A surgeon on board "Old Ironsides" in 1812 graphically recorded what he saw as he attended to the ship's wounded...
Getting the Feel of Frigate Sailor Life
A new exhibit at the USS Constitution Museum offers visitors the chance to furl a sail or holystone a deck.
Ship to Stateside in a Dozen Days
A much-anticipated trip home from the Mediterranean war zone in 1943 was a bit more arduous than the author expected.
Lessons Unlearned: The Camarioca Boatlift
Fifteen years before 1980's Mariel Boatlift, the U.S. Coast Guard faced a humanitarian crisis in the Florida Straits when Fidel...
Complementary Keys to Naval Victory
During the late 16th century, Korea relied on a tactical genius...
Book Reviews

The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship

James Scott. New...

Museum Report

The First Gallery

For those who enjoy the ultimate in the art of building ship models, a visit to the new model exhibit at the U.S. Naval...


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