Naval History Magazine - June 2008 Volume 22, Number 3

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'Mom Remembers Pearl Harbor'

(See R. Bartlett, pp. 60-65, December 2007, and P. K. Cullins, p. 67, April 2008 Naval History)

Robert E. Klees

I read with great...


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On Our Scope

The Pacific theater is the staple source of World War II articles for Naval History, and rightfully so given the enormous effort and sacrifice...

Historic Aircraft

A Transatlantic Flying Boat

World War I saw the debut of submarines and aircraft in modern warfare. Appropriately, Allied aircraft...

The Battle That Had to Be Won
During World War II, Britain's fate as well as hope for Allied victory in Western Europe hinged on the long campaign fought between...
Dangerous Duty in the North Atlantic
Slow but reliable, the Coast Guard's Secretary-class cutters were the backbone of the United States' North Atlantic escort force...
Kill and Be Killed? The U-853 Mystery
In the waning hours of the war against Nazi Germany, a U-boat skipper off the New England coast either ignored or never received...
Observations from the Edge of the World
Before Navy Captain George M. Colvocoresses died under mysterious circumstances, he left behind a record of his adventures both at...
Torpedo Eight: The Other Chapter
The gallant but little-known role of a six-plane all-volunteer TBF detachment, of which the author and his pilot were members, adds...

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In Contact

'Mom Remembers Pearl Harbor'

(See R. Bartlett, pp. 60-65, December 2007, and P. K. Cullins, p. 67, April 2008 Naval History)...

Looking Back

Sunshine and Grit

This spring a large crowd will gather at the U.S. Naval Academy to dedicate Wesley Brown Field House, a state-of-the-...

Historic Fleets

Short-Lived Innovation

Naval History News

Lost U-boat Fleet Discovered

Three scuttled U-boats with a unique history have been discovered in the Black Sea off the Turkish coast....

The Navy's Atlantic War Learning Curve
Although its main World War II commitment was in the Pacific, the U.S. Navy nevertheless made an indispensable contribution to...
Death on a Dark Night
On 24 January 1870 the fortunes of the USS Oneida took a decidedly downward turn. Straight down that is, along with most...
Museum Report

Former Foes' Naval History on Display

Both Madrid and Istanbul boast navy museums—the Museo Naval and Deniz Muzesi, respectively...

Book Reviews

U-Boote Crews: The Day-to-Day Life Aboard Hitler's Submarines

Jean Delize. Paris: Histoire & Collections, 2007. 128 pp....


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