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Iwo Jima

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Adair comments on wisdom of taking this island, 354

(RADM Charles Adair)


The destroyer Franks (DD-554) supported the 1945 invasion of this island with shore bombardment, 187-9

(Mr. Michael J. Bak, Jr.)


The U.S. aircraft carrier Saratoga (CV-3) was damaged by Japanese kamikazes during the Iwo Jima campaign of February 1945, 199-203

(Mr. Roger L. Bond)


P. 311, 317 ff, 370, 387

(ADM Arleigh A. Burke, Volume I)


Witness to flag raising on Mt. Suribachi, 397; evaluation of this operation, 406-11; Iwo operation planned simultaneously with one for Okinawa, 407; value of airfields on Iwo, 410-1

(VADM George C. Dyer)        


U.S. carrier plane strikes against the island in the summer of 1944, 27-8

(CAPT Arthur R. Hawkins)


Pacific island on which Japanese emerged from caves in the spring of 1945 and killed some American pilots after the island was supposedly secure, 93-4

(VADM Truman J. Hedding)


Pharmacist's mates were among the primary targets of the Japanese in 1945 when Marines invaded this island, 54-5

(CAPT W. Leona Jackson, NC)


Franklin prepares for the invasion, 614

(CAPT Stephen Jurika, Jr., Volume II)


The landing operation with description of beaches, 239-54; the UDT was required to explore the beach impediments seen from the air, 242; recon carried out on D minus 2, 243; the morning, 244­; the afternoon, 247-8

(RADM Draper L. Kauffman)

Press release, 165-6

(VADM Fitzhugh Lee)


Role of rescue helicopters in recovering U.S. pilots downed during the Vietnam War, 121-2; use of lightweight Huey Cobra attack helicopters during the Vietnam War, 122-3

(ADM Frederick H. Michaelis)


News media coverage of the invasion of in February 1945, 145-9; photo of the Mount Suribachi flag raising, 154-5

(RADM Harold B. Miller)


BB North Carolina participates in operation, 200-2; marine spotter on shore directs the gunfire, 202-3

(RADM Thomas H. Morton)


Importance for air operations in 1945, 79-80; Lamson (DD-367) sighted Japanese plane in time to warn Iwo Jima to darken the harbor, 160

(CAPT John V. Noel)


In 1945 was invaded by U.S. Marines, 3-4; in 1994 Osborn visited the island, 4

(RADM Oakley E. Osborn)



Buildup of ships for use in began in late fall 1944 at Eniwetok, 137; the purpose for taking the island in 1945 was an alternate landing field for strikes on Japan, 214; the escort carrier  Makassar Strait (CVE-91) helped protect the mobile logistic support force during the Iwo Jima operation in early 1945, 139-40

(VADM Herbert D. Riley)


Problem of supplying Loran station there, 543-4

(ADM Edwin J. Roland, USCG, Volume II)


And Chi Chi Jima: Operation against, 170 ff, 196, 203-4, 206

(ADM James S. Russell)


P. 158-9

(VADM Roland N. Smoot)


P. 111, 113-5

(VADM Bernard M. Strean)




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