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A century later, the story lives on: Human drama on an epic scale—even though the stage was the desolate North Atlantic, and the only audience was the players themselves. In all of maritime...
Featured Article
The buildup of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has caused quite a stir with the United States and its allies over the past few years. But China hardly has us over a barrel.  
Featured Article
The U.S. military and civilian agencies should collaborate to wage successful counterinsurgency—not battle each other. For many military units operating in Afghanistan (and, until recently,...
Featured Article
By: Daniel J. Demers
In 1941, a weekend pass in San Francisco and an impetuous sailor’s good intentions erupted into an international incident with Nazi Germany.

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Proceedings Magazine

Editor's Page
The nation and the naval profession lost an outstanding Marine, award-winning journalist, and former Proceedings editor-in-chief this past month with...
CEO Notes
There Will Be Two Maritime Security Dialogue Speakers in October Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson will participate in the Maritime...
Comment & Discussion
Stop ‘Engagement at all Costs’ (See J. Fanell, p. 12, September 2016 Proceedings) Commander J. Michael Dahm, U.S. Navy; Intelligence...
Now Hear This - Failure to Ratify UNCLOS Emboldens China
As China challenges the legitimacy of rules it agreed to nearly two decades ago, the United States must step up, take its seat at the table, and...
Nobody Asked Me, But. . . - Treat LBGT Sailors Fairly
“That’s so gay,” is something sailors hear more than ten times a day. Whether people intend to offend homosexuals or not, this and...

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Naval History Magazine

On Our Scope

Pop quiz: Which 18th-century war included the most large-scale fleet battles? The American Revolution, I was surprised to learn from Sam Willis...

As I Recall - Birth of the WAVES

In 1942 Mildred McAfee took a leave of absence from serving as president of Wellesley College to become the first director of the organization...

In Contact

Armored Cruiser’s Other Tragedy

Captain Bill Heard, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)

The wreck of the armored cruiser...

Armaments & Innovations - The Great Mine Barrage

When the United States entered World War I, the Allies viewed America as the world’s leading industrial power and a vast source of fresh...

Naval History News

Sims-Daniels Controversy Reignited at U.K. Great War Conference

A strong contingent of U.S. naval historians was on hand to present...

U.S. Naval Institute Blog

The Nation Needs Broadly Educated Officers with Diverse Backgrounds

I had the opportunity to attend the program on 24 September to celebrate the College of Holy Cross NROTC Unit’s 75th Anniversary. I received Naval...

You can be in DC, but don’t try to be of DC

One of the primary responsibilities of leaders is to be an example to junior personnel. The expected ideal is to “lead by example.” That “example...

A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms is the title of one of Ernest Hemingway’s best works and a book that reflects some of his own personal experiences on the...

The Defenestration of the Ratings

Now that everyone has absorbed the impact of the announcement last week ditching the Navy ratings system, let’s talk about the what and why. Let...

Sam Harris’s Two Doors and Three Assumptions

There are a lot of people who are convinced that unmanned aircraft, ships, and subsurface craft are the future of warfare. Not just surveillance...

Naval History Blog

The Great Mine Barrage

When the United States entered World War I, the Allies viewed America as the world’s leading industrial power and a vast source of fresh manpower...

American Independence and the Naval Factor

It is now no longer necessary to bemoan a lack of maritime perspective on the American Revolution, and yet the naval war still does not receive...

Views from Somalia: 23 Years Ago

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu, which saw 18 servicemembers killed and many more wounded in the raid on a Somali...

SURVEY: Who is your favorite character from naval fiction?

Horatio Hornblower, Ahab, Jack Ryan, Jack Sparrow—in books, movies, or television, some of the most colorful characters in fiction have sailed the...

An Immersive Battleship Experience

In 1916 the U.S. Navy had visions of commanding the world’s greatest fleet—and a big naval appropriations bill that promised the construction of...


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