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A century later, the story lives on: Human drama on an epic scale—even though the stage was the desolate North Atlantic, and the only audience was the players themselves. In all of maritime...
Featured Article
The buildup of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has caused quite a stir with the United States and its allies over the past few years. But China hardly has us over a barrel.
Featured Article
The U.S. military and civilian agencies should collaborate to wage successful counterinsurgency—not battle each other.
Featured Article
By: Daniel J. Demers
In 1941, a weekend pass in San Francisco and an impetuous sailor’s good intentions erupted into an international incident with Nazi Germany.

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Proceedings Magazine

Editor's Page
Last month marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. Our erstwhile adversary the Soviet Union would...
Now Hear This - Where Are the Citizen Soldiers?
In the decades before 1914, European militaries became increasingly distanced from their civilian populations and refused to adapt to changing...
Nobody Asked Me, But. . . - Maritime Patrol Needs Flying Warrants and Super JOs
When I first joined Patrol Squadron Four (VP-4), the rank of chief warrant officer suggested little more to me than a pair of collar devices sporting...
From the Deckplates - Enlisted Training Should Also Be Education
On 5 November 2014, Navy Times reported that Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert had addressed the time it takes to train enlisted...
Special - Rise and Fall of a Seven-Ocean Fleet: The U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, 1940–49
Digitizing Proceedings Realizing an important strategic goal, the U.S. Naval Institute has just completed digitizing every issue of Proceedings...

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Naval History Magazine

On Our Scope

The partnership between the U.S. Naval Institute and U.S. Naval Academy stretches back to 1873. That’s when a group of naval officers at the...

Looking Back - "Underway on Nuclear Power"

With a simple radio message of “Underway on Nuclear Power,” on the morning of 17 January 1955, the submarine Nautilus (SSN-...

In Contact

In ‘Hot Pursuit’ of the Pueblo

Captain Stephen P. O’Brien, U.S. Navy (Retired)

In regards to...

Armaments and Innovations - The U.S. Navy's 'Smashers'

Introduced in the U.S. Navy at the beginning of the 19th century, the carronade saw extensive service in American warships during the War of 1812...

Naval History News

Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, 1938–2014

The U.S. Naval Institute lost a longtime friend on 28 September with the passing of Colonel...

U.S. Naval Institute Blog

On Midrats 21 Dec 14 – Episode 259: The Islamic State – rise and world view, with Craig Whiteside

Please join us on 21 Dec 14 at 5pm (EST) for Midrats Episode 259: The Islamic State – rise and world view, with Craig Whiteside The Islamic...

On Midrats 14 Dec 14 – Episode 258: Christmas Marketplace of Ideas

As we near Christmas, it is a season of surprises – and Midrats Episode 258: Christmas Marketplace of Ideas on 14 Dec 14 at 5pm may surprise...

On Midrats 7 Dec 14, Episode 257: “Clausewitz – now more than ever, with Donald Stoker”

Please join us Sunday at 5 pm EST for Episode 257: “Clausewitz – now more than ever, with Donald Stoker” He is quoted often,...

And so, our Navy finds its Memory Hole

We have a systemic, deep-rooted, and malignant problem in our Navy, one that goes back decades that we are doing nothing to address. Indeed, we...

To Defeat ISIS, Hawkeyes Required

In June 2014, President Obama declared his intent to execute “targeted and precise” military operations in Iraq, and later Syria, in order to aid...

Naval History Blog

Swift Boats Were Workhorses of Brown Water Navy in Vietnam

By Laura Hockensmith, National Museum of the United States Navy Not since the end of the Civil War did the U.S. Navy have a need for a riverine...

Washington Navy Yard Warehoused Artifacts Arrive at Richmond Collection Management Facility

From Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division WASHINGTON, D.C. – The curators of the Naval History and Heritage...

Operation Desert Fox: 4 Nights, 100 Targets

From Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division The dust had hardly settled in the Middle East following the end of...

Fleet’s First Radar Celebrates a Birthday

By Claire Peachey, Technical Information Services, Naval Research Laboratory The Naval Research Laboratory’s (NRL) XAF radar, fondly known as the...

Fleet Admirals are Elite Band of Naval Brothers

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eric Lockwood, Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division Leahy. King....


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Radio Interview

Wed, 2014-12-24

Radio Interview

Wed, 2014-12-24

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