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Format: 2017-02-24
Format: 2017-02-24

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How can I help preserve the Naval Institute's photo collection?

Funds raised allow the Naval Institute to undertake preservation projects too costly to accomplish with operating funds alone. Tax-deductible gifts to the Photo Archive are used to protect the original photo images and to digitize them so they may be ...

How do I help the U.S.Naval Institute continue its crucial work of providing an independent forum for the professional exchange of ideas in support of the Sea Services?

Join  USNI and the thousands of members who actively honor, engage and empower the men and women of the Sea Services. You can also make a tax deductible, charitable contribution in support of Naval Institute programs. Phone (410) 295-1052 Fax ...

Does the Naval Institute Foundation offer grants or scholarships?

No. The Naval Institute Foundation does not make grants to individuals or other organizations. Its sole purpose is to raise money to support the Naval Institute's goals. (Foundation) ...

What's the easiest way to donate stocks?

We will gladly provide our Merrill Lynch account number and DTC to prospective donors and assist in any way we can. For more information, please e-mail Sue Sweeney or phone her at (410) 295-1054. (Foundation) ...

Why does the U.S. Naval Institute need to raise funds?

Funds raised allow the U.S. Naval Institute to undertake necessary educational and preservation projects too costly to accomplish with operating funds alone. Because our traditional sources of income—membership dues, book sales, and advertising revenues ...

Doesn't the U.S. Naval Institute receive government funds?

No. The U.S. Naval Institute has always been and pointedly remains independent from the military services or civilian defense contractors. This helps ensure the integrity of the open forum that has been the hallmark of the U.S. Naval Institute since ...


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Guest Speaker & Book Signing

Sat, 2017-02-25

Capt. Alec Fraser, USN (Ret.)

"Brownbag Talk"

Tue, 2017-02-28

Why Become a Member of the U.S. Naval Institute?

As an independent forum for over 135 years, the Naval Institute has been nurturing creative thinkers who responsibly raise their voices on matters relating to national defense.

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